Choose Phlox this Spring! These Phlox subulata are the first flowering perennials with great color spread and are a delicate way to fill your garden with captivating color! This diminutive groundcover forms moss-like mats of green foliage. The trailing stems are green when young turning tan and finally woody and knotty with age.

Phlox subulata produces colorful spring carpets of flowers in Perennial Borders or Rock Gardens. The species is particularly lovely if allowed to drape over a low retaining wall. Plants are used as Butterfly Nectar Plants, for Erosion Control, or as part of a Grouping or Mass Planting. It has showy blooms and is appropriate for Cottage Gardens, Water-wise Landscapes and Low Maintenance Plantings. Creeping phlox is a fine groundcover for sunny gardens with moist well drained soil.

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